Anything Can Happen Tuesdays

Literally, anything can happen.

Why? Well, we believe the best stories are told over food so we wanted to capture that spirit and start fresh conversations by launching Anything Can Happen Tuesday at Eat Out The Box. As the name suggests, anything can happen. We’re out there all the time, chatting to Cape Town’s amazing food brands (and even some further afield), to discover yum stuff that we think you may love. From delicious samples and foodie freebies to random discounts and other cool stuff, Tuesday night (from 5.30pm) is our fun night where our main goal is to surprise and delight you (and feed you, of course).

Make Tuesday your date night with Eat Out The Box!

Below are some of the amazing foodie brands that have already partnered with Anything Can Happen Tuesday. More being added all the time.

(Anything Can Happen Tuesday is not applicable to Mr D and Uber Eats orders. It is better to order direct anyway!)


Wazoogles Superfoods Supernatural Oats


Wazoogles Superfoods Snack Bombs


POPCO ice cream & sorbet popsicles

That MAYO: Versatile, delicious, health-conscious sauces

Happy Earth People - delicious, additive-free legume-based pasta

Outcast Foods - delicious falafel with pure herbs & spices

Rootstock: hand-made crisps free of preservatives and colourants

Vegan Brownies handmade with love by Eat Out The Box

Concentrated beef stock from NOMU - pack a flavour punch!

Pesto Princess: It was the pesto sauce that people kept coming back for.

Santa Annas: authentic, Mexican style tortillas, corn chips and salsas

Sweet Potato Bakery: Gluten free bakery

I like Eggs: Farm fresh free range eggs

Phoenix Fire Co.:Making sure you have the best taste experience around.

POPCO: Our ice cream and sorbet pops are handmade in Cape Town

Earthshine: Easy Living Food

Chaz Cheese: Best Quality Cheese

Pura Soda : Sparkling Flavoured Drink

Are you a food brand or producer? Got great products or food services to add to our Happen-ers Hall of Fame? Drop us a line and let’s get you signed up! Your marketing team will love you!